Paint finished for a fantastic look

Conservatory shuttersThe Georgia window shutter is a technically superb window shutter that looks and feels fantastic. Engineered timber frame with a strong laminated core encased in MDF and coated in a tough etched plastic. The louvres are made from extruded ABS (the same plastic many household appliances are made from) and are extremely strong allowing them to span large openings with a single panel.

The Georgia is then given a paint finish which gives the look of a much more expensive shutter although the price point sits neatly between our Seattle and Boston ranges. This window shutter is available in 28 standard colours.

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Georgia ABS Shutters – Colour Range

001 Pure White
002 Extra White
003 Silk White
004 Bright White
006 Pearl
007 Ivory Lace
008 Marshmallow
009 Creamy
011 Cameo
012 Crisp Linen
013 Bisque
014 Alabaster
016 Butter
019 String
036 Whim White
037 Pointed White
038 White Cravat
039 Clunched
040 Off Whiter
041 Stringy
042 Hall Gray
043 Hard White
044 Blue Gray
045 Elephants Air
048 Chai
049 Stone Grey
051 Brown Grey
053 Clay