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Vancouver Cedar Wood ShuttersVogue Shutters also offer a DIY plantation shutter and DIY wooden blinds for those of you confident in your own handyman skills.
After carefully measuring your window or opening and then choosing the material, louver size colour and fixings you require call Vogue Shutters on 0845 017 8212 to place your order or click here.
The plantation shutters will then be tailor made to your requirements and delivered to you in around 7-8 weeks.
We request that you only order DIY plantation shutters if you are confident in your own ability to install them correctly.



DIY Shutters – Measuring guide.

There aren’t many windows unsuitable for plantation shutters but this guide is designed give you some pointers to avoid potential slip ups. First of all if your windows open inwards or if there is a false ceiling or fixed pelmet that would obstruct the shutters opening it may not be possible to install shutters. When measuring could we ask you to do so in millimetres and good practice is always to measure width followed by height. As our shutters are custom made measuring is probably the most important part of the project so please take your time to record your measurements correctly using a good quality tape measure or laser distance finder.

Inside Recess:

Starting with the width take 3 measurements from the top, middle and bottom to make sure the window is not bowed. Take the smallest measurement and record it, we also suggest that you allow a few millimetres to give yourself a little bit of “wiggle room”.  Repeat this process with the height measuring from bottom to top at 3 points along the window.  Check the window is square and plumb.  If the window is out of square by more than 10mm we suggest that the frame is placed outside the recess.  Once you have taken your measurements check that the handles or other obstructions will not hinder the louvres opening and that there are no obstacles that will stop you opening the shutters.

Outside Recess:

We need the outside measurements including the shutter frame which is generally 38mm on each side.  The fixing for the frame goes directly into the wall from the flat surface of the window shutter frame.  Measure the width and then height of the window at several points adding the frame width. Check the window is level in 2 directions and that it is also square and plumb, if not allow for this in your measurements adding sufficient space for a square frame to fit over.  If the window shutters go right down to the floor check the thickness of the skirting board to allow the shutters to fold back.
For sash windows measure from the outside bead on either side allowing for the frame and for the height measure from the window sill to the under edge of the architrave.  Again check nothing is protruding out from the window that will obstruct the louvres opening and if this is the case take a measurement of the protrusion and notify us so that we can build the frame out to move the shutter away from the obstruction.

What else do we need to know?

Now that you have your window shutter measurement you need to make the following choices.

  • Which material do you want your shutters to be made from – take a look through our shutter product pages to help with your choice.
  • Colour of shutter and hardware – don’t forget our Farrow & Ball colour matches.
  • Louvre size or solid shutter.
  • Shutter style – full height, Café or Tier on Tier.
  • Tilt rod position or Easy Tilt system.
  • Mid-rail position – supply us with the measurement measuring from the bottom of the window.